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Simpson’s Zombie Comics

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THE-SIMPSONS-TREEHOUSE-OF-HORROR-20we all love the Simpson’s, who doesn’t. And here’s a cracking cover from a Halloween edition.

Daryl’s Bike

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The boys at Classified Moto built a matching pair of bikes to replace Daryl Dixon’s bike in The Walking Dead. This beast is the result. Based on the 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk, it features front end from a Yamaha YZF-R6, including the wheel and brakes, a stock Nighthawk rear wheel, smooth-riding Progressive Suspension 970 piggyback shocks, Kenda Big Block tires, a custom leather seat, and a distressed finish befitting a ride from a zombie apocalypse.

Walking Dead Season 5 memes

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Now that Season 5 of The Walking Dead is over, the internet is awash with memes about the last episode. Here are some of the best ones.



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Zombie hideout

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Damn! Want to chill out here on this perfect zombie-proof concrete island? It’s the perfect safehouse but you got to have a Zombie Action Plan before you can get here..

How to survive a zombie apocalypse

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Infographic time! A rather ho ho ho funny little guide to ‘surviving’ the zombie apocalypse. A bit of fun, but really, honestly, if you want to actually stand any chance of surviving then you’ll want to read our extensive survival guidelines.



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“Defend the home, school, or business with your very own Zom-bot”

It’s not exactly reasonably priced, but considering what it’s capable of we reckon you’ll want to order one soon!


Word on the street

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Spotted: this awesome zombie-surviving-gun-toting-nun.

Nuns with guns. Don’t mess.

Here’s the ZombieUppercut list of ideal zombie weaponry.

Doomsday Drive

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The American Top Gear guys attempt to build the perfect car for the apocalypse – affordable, fun to drive, and still zombie-proof. After testing its performance, weaponry, and defences, they have to race across a ghost town with the Post-Apocalypse Stig in hot pursuit.

Each of them choose an aspect of the vehicle to be responsible for. Adam takes weaponry (of course), Tanner handles performance and Rutledge works on defense. Race Boy wants something faster than a rolling bomb shelter and Adam just wants to shoot stuff – even if his aim needs some work. Being the sensible dude he is, Rut decides to do some actual research and chats with a doomsday prepper named Josh, who advises him to always carry lipstick and vinegar. This weirds him out a bit, and he bails out on the interview before reuniting with his colleagues in the California desert.

They’re all mortified when they find out the vehicle they have to work with is a garden-variety Toyota Camry. (Adam has now perfected the “you’ve got to be kidding me” look.) After some construction time, the little road car resembles a giant monster of a vehicle that you wouldn’t want to stand anywhere near. Mission accomplished.

Have you thought of a zombie action plan?

Michonne’s cat

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Anyone remember that episode of The Walking Dead where Carl drags Michonne along to get a photo of his mom? She ends up looting this weird cat sculpture. What was that all about?

“I just couldn’t leave this behind. It’s too damn gorgeous”