Zombie Chronicles 2: A mobile, text based RPG

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So what is it?

Well, as the title says it’s a text based RPG (role playing game, if you’re not into the game lingo) which runs on your (Android) phone. In the game you are a member of a survivors camp, you can explore the camp, talk and perform tasks for the other inhabitants and naturally venture out into the wild to find supplies and other survivors. The story progresses by having you, the player, make a set of choices during the missions you do. Replay the game and choose again for an altogether different outcome!

What’s good about it?

The game is simple, all you need to do is read and tap the choice you wish to make. The story is entertaining and pretty well written and the multiple outcomes give this game a re-playability factor. It’s a good old zombie survival story which will keep you busy for a couple hours at least.

Any downsides?

The grammar and spelling needs a bit of work here and there, don’t worry though, it’s not unreadable or overly atrocious. You can send corrections in to the developer too, if you fancy.

So how do I get it?

Well head to the Play Store and download it.

Anything else I need to know?

It’s free! All you need is an Android powered smartphone, nothing fancy mind, the game is extremely light weight. There’s a part 1 if you’re wondering how your character got to the survivors camp. There will be a part 3, as soon as the developer finishes it up! If you like the game you can discuss tips for part 3 on the developer’s forum.